Published On: Tue, Jan 8th, 2013

2013 Kickboxing: Tugume Vs Golola Moses

Nationanl Kick Boxing Champion Titus Tugume is to face Moses Golola in a fght that will take place this year. Golola will be defending the East and Central African title, which he currently holds. TheUPDF fghter knocked out Farouk Kimera in the third round to retain his national kickboxing Super middle weight title at Rubaga sports centre last year. Analysts say this could be the biggest local kick boxing event of 2013 if Golola agrees to fght him. Tugume and other local fghters insist they can beat Golola despite his earlier remarks that he would never fght local kick boxers. According to the kickboxing rules, Go- lola has only two options, one to give in the title back to the organizers before fghting or agree to fght him. The moor mouthed fghter has been off the oxing scene since his loss to Hungarian Fighter Zsamboki Matte last year in July.

Who is Titus Tugume

According to his personal website, Tugume is a second born son to Joab Babundabyaho and Naume Kamarembo on 24th Aug 1983 in Kashekuro Bushenyi District. Titus has 3 brothers and 5 sisters. He attended his Junior High School (0’Lev- el) and later on went to College to study Electronic Engeeniering. During his time at College, Titus joined a Martial Arts Club in 2000 after realis- ing his passion for kick boxing. He later joined the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) in 2001. Infan- try Titus continued with his Martial Arts passion which he has today made his career. He went in the Wring for the fist time in 2004 and was disapointed when he made a loss. He was however not dis- couraged and went back in the Wring following his fist achievement and made a win. He fought other 4 games and made only wins. Titus liked both Tae-Kwondo and Kickboxing. He went for an amateur Kickboxing League that was organ- ised by Uganda Kickboxing Federation (UKBF) and won all games in 2006. He continued to win several games un beaten in the amateur League from 2006 to 2011 in Uganda. In 2008, Titus went for his fist International game in South Korea WORLD 4TH TAFISA for all games (Trex-Games) Busan where he won a Bronze Medal. He later went to Rimini Italy in the World Combat League in 2009 and won a Silver Medal. He there after went to Setholonic Greece whhere he won a Gold Medal. He Proceded to Antalya Turkey for the Oriental Games where he won a Silver Medal. He also went to Brazil for the Tae-Kwondo Games (Rio 2011 5th CISM Millitary World Games) as a Ugandan Millitary Soldier. Because of his Inter- national achievements in the amateur games, he turned a proffesional Kick- boxer.

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